Floor Polishing Services

Perfect Floor Polishing makes your business space shine

A good-conditioned and the shiny-looking floor is a perfect commercial asset. If you find a need for renovation, never miss looking into the floor condition before you spend extra. The floor can enhance the aesthetic of your office or your commercial building. You will need the best floor sanding and polishing New Zealand service for a good result.

Cleanix can make your floors look cleaner and help them last longer. We are familiar with all types of floor surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl, concrete, and timber flooring, as well as marble and tiles. We can handle any situation, whether it involves dirt, stains, friction, or wear and tear.

Feel free to contact one of your staff to get started with best floor cleaning and polishing services.

Why choose us

  • Customer focused and results driven.
  • We continue learning and remain leaders in our field.
  • Our team prides themselves on being reliable.
  • We offer a full range of flooring solutions and can therefore deal with the unexpected properly.
  • We use only the highest quality flooring materials.
  • Great customer service. This means we focus 100% on quality and attention to detail.
  • We use premium quality products, along with the highest quality dustless sanders.