Many possible etymologies have been suggested for this mysterious abbreviation. The first is that it means scillicet (= i.e. to wit), which is usually abbreviated sc. or scil. Another is this ss. “[t]he two gold letters at the ends of the office chain or `necklace` worn by the Lord Chief Justice of King`s Bench. Max Radin, Dictionnaire du droit 327 (1955). Melinkoff suggests that the exact etymology is unknown: “Avocados have been using ss for nine hundred years and are still unsure of what it means.” David Melinkoff, The Language of Law 296 (1963). In fact, however, it is a flourish derived from directories – an equivalent of the sales mark: “¶”. Hence Lord Hardwicke`s statement that ss.

is nothing more than a sign of division. See Jodderrell v. Cowell, 95 eng. 222 222 (K.B. 1737). . . . . .

One of the first authors of collections of forms incorporated it into its forms, and since then it has been thoughtlessly immortalized by one generation after another. Bryan A. Garner, Garner`s Dictionary of Legal Usage 839 (3rd ed. 2011). Can a notary accept the affidavit of a person who testified at a signature instead of the signer being present at the notarization? In some cases, people may need to sign a document with their previous name after making the necessary updates to their credentials. A classic situation occurs when a woman changes her name after marriage and has to sign a document, . B such as a guarantee certificate, in its former name. You can notarize her signature if she signs both names, but you can indicate this in your notarial deed. What elements should be included in my notarial deed when notarizing a signature? When I attach my notary seal to a registration plate, my notary seal imprint lubricates. Can you propose a solution? The Latin expression logus sigilli means “place of the seal”. You can see the letters at the end of a signature line for the signer or notary.

Although this is rarely done, a person can use a private seal to authenticate their signature. Most often, a company seal can be placed next to the manager`s signature when signing on behalf of the company. When attaching your notary`s seal, be careful not to affix the seal to these letters or other writings. Can I notarize a will that was not written by a lawyer? What does it mean to make a “self-testing” will? Portraits in Massachusetts Law is a regular feature of Massachusetts Law Updates. These pages provide links to biographical information about people who were particularly important in Massachusetts` legal history when our government took shape in the cauldron of the American Revolution and grew and changed over time. Portraits in Massachusetts Law Read More: Lucy Stone State of ________ County of________ S.S. This use is loosely translated as “County of (name of county) in particular”. The notary simply enters the name of the district in which the notarial deed actually took place. We have seen notarized documents in which the notary simply noted “PK” or “DL”, which means “personally known” or “driver`s license”. These abbreviations are not clear and we recommend that you make more specific comments for identification. Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to indicate the number of the identity card and the state or country that issued the card.

This will help protect you in case a signer later claims that they did not sign the document and did not show up before you for notarization. Please refer to the Notarized Certificates form for examples of notification of the identification method. Yes. The notary`s seal caused problems for surveyors and others involved in siding subdivisions. Developers or mortgagees sign the platform and their signatures are notarized with a confirmation certificate. The problem arises because the ink used in most notarial joints does not dry and lubricates on the plastic film known as Mylar, which is used to hold the plates. We looked into the issue and found several possible solutions. What should I do if I attach my notary seal to a document and do not receive a legible imprint? If the prepared notarial deed does not contain each of these elements, you must add the appropriate language to the certificate so that it fully complies with the legal requirements. In fact, “S.S.” is short for “scilicet” – a Latin term that means “namely” or “special.” It is the precursor of today`s familiar and requested place element. The pronunciation is (forgive our Latin!!) “SILL-it-this.” Some notaries mistakenly believe that they should fill in the signer`s social security number after the letters “SS”.

In fact, the letters are the abbreviation of the Latin word scilicet, which means “in particular” or “to know”. They appear on the site, so the location of the notarization literally reads, “In the state of Florida, especially in _____ County.” You can simply ignore these letters and complete the place as usual. No. While some states may allow notarization on the basis of such an affidavit, Florida does not. Some notaries mistakenly believe that they can call the signer on the phone to verify the signature and then proceed with the notarization. Florida law prohibits a notary from notarizing a signature if the signer is not present at the time of notarization. No! The notarial service often receives requests for “notarization of a person`s signature by drawing of a witness”. Obviously, some notaries believe that it is permissible to notarize a signature if the person is not present, if someone who has observed the signing of the document comes before the notary and swears that the person has actually signed the document. Some states, such as California, allow such certifications, but Florida does not.

Misunderstandings may also be due to a section of Florida law that provides a method by which Florida real estate instruments may be allowed to be registered if the signer of the document cannot appear before a notary to confirm their signature. You can hear this procedure, called “proof of execution by subscribed cookies”. “ss.” appears as a guard after the name of a Massachusetts county in the caption of a pleading or at the beginning of a notary`s confirmation. Yes. When notarizing a signature, a notary must always certify the type of identification on which one relies, either personal knowledge or another form of identification. This can be done as part of the name in the notarial deed or at the end of the certificate. Can I sign my signature as a notary and affix my notary seal in blue ink or another color so that I can easily identify an original document? Yes, but you must specify the correct location (State of Florida, County of ____) where the notarization took place and complete an appropriate notarial certificate with all the requirements of Florida notarial law. This may mean that you will need to revise the form, especially if it was created in accordance with the laws of another state. Additions or corrections must be made by striking out the incorrect information and adding the correct information before the notarial certification is completed. It would also be a good idea to initialize every correction you make.

Always indicate the name of the person whose signature will be notarized and the type of identification you can rely on, even if the form provided does not ask for this information. The American Society of Notaries states that it is an abbreviation for a Latin term, scilicet, which means “namely” or “in particular” and indicates the required location recognition element. However, Black`s Law Dictionary tells a slightly different story: as a notary, can I prepare legal documents for my clients? Is there an abbreviation for the extension of my notary order? In this case, the original tax forms have been submitted to the Internal Revenue Service, and there is no original available from which you can photocopy the document. However, certified true copies are available from the IRS. You may want to provide your customer with the following information. Can I sign a document as a witness if I am also a notary for this transaction? I will be moving to another state in a few months. Can I transfer my notary commission from Florida to that state? Many documents, especially those generated by banks and similar institutions, display the “SS” symbol next to the spaces for location information (state __, county ___). An astonishing number of notaries do not know the meaning of the “SS” symbol or mistakenly believe that it is an application for a Social Security number! Questions, comments about this hot trick? Email Sometimes I see the letters “S.S.” on a notarial deed, usually near the place. What do these letters mean? Is a wedding ceremony performed by a Florida state notary “legal and binding”? Is a notary in Florida allowed to perform an out-of-state marriage, or is a notary in another state allowed to perform a marriage in Florida? Florida is one of only three states (the other two are South Carolina and Maine) that empower their notaries to “celebrate the rites of marriage.” § 117.045, Florida Statutes. The Florida notary may perform a marriage ceremony, provided that the couple first obtains a marriage license from an official authorized in Florida and is only allowed to perform such a ceremony within the geographic boundaries of Florida. For example, a notary in Florida could not perform a wedding ceremony in another state. In addition, a notary from another state, including South Carolina and Maine, could not perform a wedding ceremony in Florida.

And a notary in Florida is not allowed to marry a couple who have obtained a marriage license from another state. Yes, under certain conditions. .